New Computer Distributed at the University

Post date: May 21, 2015 9:30:2 AM

The DIT has being worked in a cooperation with each representative at Faculty to collect a statistic data to know the number of desktops that's need to buy if, according to this data the university needs more than 300 PC (Desktops) but duo to the lack of budget the University's president decided to buy a 150 PC. and the DIT for the first time put the roles and the policy to buy those PC according to this condition:

  1. The company have own an original certificate and authorized agency approved by Iraqi embassy and commerce attach in Dubai.

  2. The Supplier has to give a warranty for 3 years; the warranty includes all parts of PC without payment.Except for delivery and returns.

  3. All items need to have original factory sealed-on them, the serial number should be Known to the Dell company.

  4. The company should Provide (5%) of the net totals as assurance until the end of this warranty.and the university should paid this assurance at every years.

to know more details about the our conditions read attach file.

The New computers have been distributed according to the instruction of the University's president as we mentioned in attach file and more details about the PC .


Nyaz Slah Saber

Directorate of IT

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